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Eating Fruits And Vegetables Can Also Enhance Your Appearance

Fruits And VegetablesDo you know that fruits, veggies can be beauty tools too? This is one question that will surely grab your attention especially if you are one of the women who wants to stay beautiful so people around you will never stop admiring you. Most of us have been properly informed of the health benefits of eating fruits and veggies, but it is not often that we hear that these foods can also enhance our looks and make us beautiful.

According to some studies, the key to a rosy and fair skin complexion could be achieved by just including fruits and vegetables in a regular diet. Based on the studies that have been conducted to the people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables, it has been proven that in just six weeks of the regular consumption of vegetables and fruits, there are beautiful changes that happened to their skin color. This study Fruits And Vegetables1has been concluded by Ross Whitehead, who is based at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Below are some facts about the positive benefits of eating these nutritious groups of food that have been established by the study:

  • There is an increased yellowness and redness in the skin of the regular fruits and vegetables eaters.
  • The more you eat fruits and vegetables, the more you will have a fair and beautiful skin complexion.
  • One possible reason why eating vegetables and fruits are improving our skin’s health and complexion is due to the carotenoids that are contained in these foods. These are the yellow/red plant pigments that are distributed in the surface of our skin whenever we are eating these nutritious foods.

So, if you are really serious in enhancing your looks and in staying beautiful, all you have to do is to consume more fruits and vegetables in your every day diet.

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