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“I’ve lost 20 pounds in just 2 weeks!”

Sound’s familiar? Or are you presented with a before and after picture that’s so hard to resist that even if it’s so expensive, some people end up falling for it in hopes of getting at least half of the showed result. Even if the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia is true, you should be aware that there are products in the market that are just using its name to lure “hopefuls” to avail of their products even if it is overly priced or contains quite less or no HCA at all. Imitations are not limited to just the “Louis Vuitton’s” and the “Birkin’s”, you know? And if you’re not careful, getting a low quality product is possible.

Is garcinia cambogia really effective?

Actually, yes! But that is if you have the right product. A number of studies can attest to the true ability of this new supplement in aiding weight loss, which was still unknown to the public’s knowledge until Dr. Oz’s show stepped in with a bunch of doctors to support the supplement’s claims. Termed as the “Holy grail of weight loss” the popularity of garcinia cambogia is immediately raised, thanks to that show that was just aired earlier this year, and its “double action” ability that is boasts.

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What can garcinia cambogia extract do?

As you know, the popularity of this product didn’t just come from Dr. Oz but with its ability that has been discovered so long ago. Scientific studies that were conducted on garcinia cambogia revealed that it can do two things: one is the ability to suppress a person’s appetite for food (especially fattening foods); and two, the ability to prevent the conversion of the food that we eat into fat cells.

Garcinia cambogia is high in HCA or hydroxycitric acid where much of the weight loss abilities originate. Changes inside the body happens more in the liver where the food that we eat is converted to energy instead of fats then in the brain where the levels of serotonin is improved.

What is HCA and how does it help the weight loss process?

HCA is a derivative of citric acid  which has the ability to prevent the conversion of food into fats. It also decreases the levels of leptin in the blood which can make a person feel less hungry while increasing the levels of glycogen that can make a person feel full even after having a small meal. And to prevent stress and depression from setting in, an improved serotonin level is also caused by HCA.

The most important question – Is it safe?

Garcinia cambogia was long before used for cooking in Southeast Asia, even up to know, which only means that it’s very much safe.

But while it is now being used as an active ingredient for weight loss supplements its high concentration in each capsule only mean that a proper dosage should be administered. When followed properly it was concluded by the experts (based on human studies) that no side effects can be encountered. But once the recommended dose is exceeded and the recommended amount of time that a supplement should be taken is exceeded mild side effects like nausea and stomach pain may occur.

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