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How Can Your Alcohol Drinking Habit Affects Your Appetite

Let us talk about alcohol and your appetite. For sure, these subjects will immediately grab your attention especially if you are one of those who give so much importance to your health. Anything that concerns your health is expected to be given enough attention for people who are just like you looking for ways on how to stay in shape and healthy.

According to some studies, there are some brands of alcoholic beverages that can affect your desire in eating various Drinking Habittypes of foods. The study also suggests that your appetite can be vastly affected by these liquors.

Besides the studies that have been performed concerning the effects of alcohol in one’s appetite, there are also the different books that discuss and tackle the issues concerning the same subject. There are diet authors who are coming up of their respective books with the purpose of educating their readers about the many effects of drinking alcohol along with their appetite.

One reason behind the ability of alcohol to affect the one person’s appetite or his desire to eat is due to the cortisol, which is the hormone that is responsible in affecting one’s appetite or cravings. Cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone, is affected every Drinking Habit1time you will be engaged in social events where you will be exposed to alcoholic drinks.

According to the scientific study that aims to bring a shed light into this matter, the level of the cortisol in your body decreased right after you drink a bottle of liquor. The dip on the cortisol level will result in the decrease of your appetite producing the feeling of not wanting to eat.

There are also some indications that beer confuses your appetite. If you will notice, heavy beer drinkers do not eat often since they have the feeling of fullness that prevents them from eating.

However, if you think that drinking alcohol is the answer to your weight loss problem, then you should not jump to any conclusion without consulting first your doctor.

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