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How To Be The Biggest Loser Forever?

biggest losserAre you an avid fan of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser? We cannot deny that the motivation given by this show to a lot of overweight individuals is very high. The show proves that everything is possible with perseverance, focus, and discipline.

Based on the information that I have gathered about the previous winners of the said TV show, none of them had went back to the previous weight that they had on the first time that they appear on the said contest. But based on statistics, the men winners are gaining weight once more. As a matter of fact, Erik Chopin, the season three winner is already 360 pounds by now. When he started the contest, he was marked at 407 pounds. When he won, he was only 193 pounds. Due to his weight gain, he was challenge by Bob Harper, one of the trainers, to lose weight once more and show up at the end of the season 9.

Maintaining your current figure will never be an easy task to do. There are a lot of things that you must keep in mind to successful avoid yourself from becoming fat once again. Here are some of the useful tips that you can consider.

biggest losser1• Make it a part of your life. Dieting is not a short term goal that once you have achieved it, you will forget about it. Losing weight is more of making it as part of your life style. Always keep in mind that you are doing it not for good appearance only but for the best health condition.

• Always keep on track. Keeping a record of your weight progress is very important so that you will never go the wrong way. This is the best motivation that you can ever have since you can see the improvements that you have done already.

You need not to join a contest to be able to lose weight. Achieving goals depends on your effort, belief and willingness to reach it.

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