List of fat burning foods - shredding fat just got more enjoyable

Are you trying to lose weight and have been searching for a list of fat burning foods? Not everybody knows the true value of quality foods but since you do I'm going to assume you are looking to change your dietary habits.

Changes to your diet and lifestyle can be hard to do especially if you have been living unhealthy for a long time. You can ask any hot shot you has ever lost weight and they will tell you that the best way to lose weight is by educating yourself on what's good and what's not.

If your goal is fat loss then I want you to forget all those fad diets that you have been introduced too. You can now officially stop starving yourself of those low carbs no meat diets. Contrary to what people say I can tell you that the best way to diet is by eating a well balanced meal. Fad diets DO NOT work!!

Also important to remember apart from a well balanced diet is the timing of these meals. Gone are the days when 3 meals a day would suffice, now it is proven that to increase metabolism you will need to increase the quality and quantity of foods you eat. When I take of quantity I mean eating 6 smaller portions of meal a day compared with 3 large ones.

Here is a little example meal I take in day.

1 egg, mushrooms, onions and cheese, one sausage, an orange, cuppa green tea

Mid Morning
Walnuts and a banana with ricotta cheese

Chicken and Vegetable sandwich, no or low fat mayo

Mid Afternoon
Yogurt and chopped nuts or seeds ( seeds and nuts an awesome form of natural fat)

4oz chicken breast with steamed vegetables

Late Evening
Fruits or nuts with cottage cheese

I can tell that that educating myself on the list of fat burning foods has really helped me move forward toward my goals. I was previously 90kgs but after eating healthy I am now 85kg. I have been exercising too but not as intensely as I could. My overall goal is to to master how to build lean muscle so I will definitely look to turn up my exercise routine.

To find a briefing of this list of fat burning foods I suggest you visit my website, print out the pages and paste it on your fridge. This way you can keep track of your cooking in terms of what is healthy and what isn't.

If you get your diet right I am positive to say that your workouts will only supplement your great physic. Please know that diet and exercise work hand in hand and cannot be done effective alone.

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