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Study Shows Diet Soda Is Effective For Weight Loss

Diet SodaPeople who are watching their weight prefer diet sodas over the regular ones since this has been believed to have only a minimal impact on their weight. However, if you are really serious in watching everything that you eat in order to get in shape, do you really have to quit drinking this too? This is one question that has been recently answered by a newly conducted study.

Dr. Jim Hill who works at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in the University of Colorado said that he constantly gets this kind of questions from almost all of his patients. He recently worked on a 12 week study that was funded by the American Beverage Association. This study involved 300 adult participants and they were divided into two separate groups. One group was asked to continue drinking diet sodas while the other group drinks water. The journal of Obesity published this study.

At the beginning of the study, the participants were weighed and they were in an average of over 200 pounds. All of them were provided with instructions and coaching with regards to their meals and various other weight loss strategies. Dr. Hill said that the results that they got were surprising. Those who were on a water diet lost around 9 pounds while those who were asked to continue drinking diet sodas lost around 12 pounds. There was a clear 4 pound Diet Soda1difference and that was pretty astonishing.

Dr. Hill said that with his experience in this field, he had come to note that people who successfully lose weight were constant consumers of non-caloric sweeteners. The question now is how come the group that continued to drink diet sodas lost more weight than the other group?

He said that it takes great willpower to give up something that you really enjoy in order to reach the goal of losing the desired weight. Willpower, he said is a limited resource which is why a lot of weight loss seeking individuals end up going of course or completely abandoning their weight loss program because they no longer have to will to proceed.

Those who belonged to the water group probably drank or ate more calories during the course of the study. Because of this, they lost less weight compared to those who were allowed to drink diet sodas. Since this study was only for 12 weeks, further research is still required to determine if using artificial sweeteners for long periods of time is beneficial.

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