Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia - What Causes Fibro Symptoms

So who is vulnerable to fibromyalgia symptoms and how does someone develop symptoms in the first place? The first question seems to have an answer but the second still remains somewhat of a mystery.

The fact fibromyalgia symptoms can affect a person for many years creates the problem with Man1 Man Oil of disbelief among those who are free from it's debilitating symptoms, look this Man1 Man Oil. Yet it's this apparent ignorance which will lead sufferers to withdrawing from much of what life has to offer just to avoid ridicule.

Studies on who is likely to suffer from the fibromyalgia syndrome has pinpointed women in their forties. This is interesting because it's not like women in this age group haven't got enough to contend with.

For example, nature dictates women in their forties are close to shutting down their reproductive systems and have menopause to look forward - or not look forward too - and generally "have enough oin their plates."

So is there a connection with fibromyalgia and menopause? That's a good question but if there was, then why would people in their sixties suffer from it or more to the point, why do some teenagers suffer the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Research might indicate otherwise in time but for the time being, we probably shouldn't use menopause and fibromyalgia in the same breath.

Are Women Most At Risk?

Well, it's been established that the most likely gender an age group to suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms are women in their forties.

The syndrome is known to last for several years so there is no quick fix solution to the problem. Also, fibromyalgia is not a constant - that is, it's not something a person is likely to be suffering every minute of the day.

People may go days without any signs of fibromyalgia but this can change "at the drop of a hat." Conditions such as bad weather including wet or even very windy weather can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms.

The up and down nature of fibromyalgia symptoms continues to baffle researchers and those suffering from it. Some days a person may be feeling on top of the world yet on others, fatigue can reduce them to a shadow of their former selves as they also contend with symptoms such as tender points of pain and muscle stiffness.

One other common connection between sufferers is waking up some mornings still feeling very tired despite getting their required amount of sleep time. It's the life of a fibromyalgia sufferer.

If you live with someone battling fibromyalgia symptoms then you can do your part simply by understanding and learning what it is and does.