The Acai Berry - How The Acai Berry Revolutionized The United States Health Market

In the rich moisture of Brazil's ancient Rainforests, the Acai berry originated as the well sought-after organic supplement in our currently productive and profitable health products marketplace. This unassuming small dark purple berry, surprisingly, holds the powerful secrets for achieving and maintaining ultimate good health within its multitude of powerful natural health components. Presently, Amazon Thunder acai is the strong leader among contemporary super foods. There are none to compare with the Brazilian acai berry's early and present cultivation and harvest in the Rainforests of the Amazon, even though the majority of modern super foods are hydroponically cultivated (nurtured in water), to help ensure full growth and the enrichment of the varied important health-enhancing natural components. Since even in ancient civilizations, acai health treatments were made from whole acai fruit, acai rind, acai pulp and acai puree, the beginnings of acai juice history coincide with that of the acai berry.

One of the most astounding and beneficial attributes of Acai berry juice in its multiple forms is its great abundance of powerful antioxidants. These valuable antioxidants are crucial agents to the development and sustenance of a healthy and strong-functioning cardiovascular system which enhances good blood circulation. Additionally, they strengthen and support mental focus and acuity. Such vital and incorrigible antioxidants protect the body's major organs, blood vessels and tissues from damaging oxidation by harmful free radicals while it strengthens and extends acai life dynamics as exhibited in longevity of radiant health.

As the best internal bodily cleaner, purifier and rejuvenator, the acai berry in its multiple states possesses plentiful vital vitamins and minerals as well as a myriad other natural nutritional elements, highly beneficial antioxidants and fiber. Acai juice, Acai berry and other forms of Brazilian acai have been documented as successfully treating, and even curing, cancer, diabetes (Types I and II), lupus and other autoimmune disorders, as well as serious inflammations and infections. The Amazon acai berry is also noted for lowering high cholesterol levels and promoting healthy blood pressure rates. In addition, various skin disorders and weakened eyesight are relieved and even eliminated through use of it. Whenever they employed a form of the acai berry to treat an illness or health ailment, even ancient herbal practitioners were relying on acai's plentiful contents of vitamins, minerals, extra nutrients and antioxidants, without their knowledge. The ground rind of acai berries was often used by them to heal severe or long-lasting skin rashes, for example. For assisting in improving the blood count, strengthening bodily blood circulation, and eliminating jaundice, acai root was found to be useful by ancient Amazon herbal healers. From its early start as a vital healing agent and remedy, the Amazon acai berry and its diverse and highly effective forms and products has prevailed to claim top rating as the most valuable and extremely beneficial superstar food and mega-vitamin in the highly popular and profitable natural health products area today.